Our Story

Hey there!! I am Claudia Menjivar and I live in Spring, TX. I am married to my best friend from elementary school for 22 years now. We have four children and two beautiful grandbabies. I have an associate degree on Healthcare Management and a bachelor's degree on Educational Studies. I have worked in a school setting as a substitute teacher for 3 years now. We are a first responder family since my husband is a firefighter for the past 15 years and our daughter is an EMT. We are also a military family since one of our sons is a Marine. So as you can all see, we are a family of servitude.

I have always loved crafting since I was a child but could never afford it until 2021. I bought my first Cricut maker and then a sublimation printer and learned real quick what sublimation was. I love creating things and help customers with their personal requests. This is why I have a vast category of items from Christian to funny to inspired products, because I love making each customer happy with their product that they would want to come back and shop at my store soon.