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Summer time is here!!!

Hi everyone!!! Summer is here!!!

I'm in Spring, TX. and ya' know if you are from around here, it is super-hot. I mean 100 degrees weather and up.

That is why I decided to add slim can coolers to my store!!!

I see them everywhere, in outside gatherings, especially.

They sure keep your drinks cool. The neat thing about these can coolers is that you can add your containers in them such as your slim beer cans or beer bottles.

The ones I purchase for my store are the 4-in-1 can coolers which includes the screw in black top, if you would want to just insert your beer can or bottle in it. That is an option, or you can switch the lid to the screw on clear lid where you can add your drink directly to the cooler and drink it as a sip cup. It also includes a clear straw just in case you prefer to use one.

My collection is fairly small right now, but I will be adding a lot more in the coming days, just bear with me. The collection can be found on this link 12 oz. Slim can coolers – Mayan Sub Shop and as always all new items in the New Arrivals collection are 40% off for a limited time so take advantage of that big discount given.

Well until next time and enjoy your summer and stay hydrated, especially if you live here in Texas.


Claudia M.

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