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Ready for Back to School

Hey you guys,

I haven't written anything in awhile. Mostly because I have been so busy with my mother due to her cancer and my grandkids with babysitting them.

I always feel like I am playing catch up. Hopefully, I can keep up with all the Halloween and Fall items I have in store for you guys.

I am super excited that my son, the Marine, is finally coming home in two weeks. Woohoo!!!! He will rest for a bit and then start his EMS and fire school to become a firefighter. He is still in the military but in the Reserves so he will be able to work and study while at home.

Well, it is back to school season. Personally, I only have one more kid in school. He is entering 9th grade. My grandson is also going to school. This is his first year!!! Joining the Kindergarten class for him. I am super excited about that!

In my store, I have tons of teacher items such as shirts, coffee mugs, tumblers, and mouse pads. So, if you have a teacher friend or loved one make sure you get them something nice from my store to start the school year strong.

Also, I am working on lowering my prices on some items. 20 oz. tumblers will still be at $25 but my bleached shirts are going down to $20 each and the non-bleached shirts are going down to $18. Kids shirts are going down as well to $13. Soon, I will also bleached kids shirts. I am still debating on the price depending on how much it will cost me per unit. I hope you guys understand and appreciate that I am lowering my prices. 

Fall items and Halloween items will soon start rolling out in my store. I also want to work on some first responder products since 9/11 is coming up and my family does participate on the 9/11 staircase events since we are a first responder family.

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of summer and welcome Fall with open arms. As always here is my link to all new items which are 30% off for a very short time do take advantage of that big discount. New Arrivals – Mayan Sub Shop

You guys a wonderful day and be blessed always.

Claudia M.

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