End of April

End of April

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter. We celebrated with our son that came from California to visit. If ya' don't know, he is serving in the military with the Marine Corps.

He had to go back on Easter, so we ended up going to the movies and watched Super Mario Bros. as a family.

This week coming up, he will be starting his SOI (school of infantry) training, so if you have a moment, send a quick prayer for him to pass everything.

Now, I have been working on my store for a while now and I have set a section where new arrivals go. Anything in that category will always be 40% off. Here is the link for all new arrivals if you want to take a look. New Arrivals – Mayan Sub Shop If you do not see it in that category, it is not on sale or in another sale. For example, right now I am running a 10% off sale on the rest of the store.

Make sure you don't miss on the new arrivals sale because I move those items out of that category quickly and they won't be that low of a price again.

I will be adding some classic '80s and '90s villain shirts such as Jason and Mike Myers as summer shirts. I am still working on adding even more items. Soon you will see the beer cans, mouse pads, and earrings so keep a look out!!

Also, if you sign up to my e-mail listing, you get a 20% discount on your next purchase so make sure you subscribe.

Weel, that is all the information I have for now. If you guys have any suggestions or ideas let me know and I will gladly work as hard as I can to comply.

You all have a blessed day and enjoy the rest of April.

Claudia M.

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